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Learn to Fly Motor Gliders with Oxfordshire Sport Flying at Enstone Aerodrome

Whether you want to learn to fly an aeroplane, convert your glider pilot licence to a TMG motorglider licence or just take a trial flying lesson over the skies of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, our team of instructors can help!

Whenever you decide to visit us at Enstone Aerodrome you’ll be sure to receive a warm, friendly welcome from qualified pilots who are passionate about YOU getting the most fun from flying, in a safe and secure manner.

If you’ve always wanted to undertake your pilot’s licence or just experience the thrill of flying and take the controls, then why not take the next step with us?

Call us today on 01608 677208.

Learn to Fly

Learning to fly is not as expensive as you might think. We offer a range of flying courses that can suit most budgets…

Trial Flying Lessons

For many pilots their first step started with a trial flying lesson. Take the adventure of a lifetime and fly over Oxfordshire!

Visiting Pilots Information

All pilots are welcome to visit us & there’s nothing better than swapping flying stories, so why not fly on in and have a chat?

Feedback from our Members, Students and Passengers


J Williams, Gloucester

I’ve been gliding for years but never really got into the x-country scene and then realised how much I was missing out! My local gliding club advised the best bet to was to do my Cross Country Endorsement over at Enstone airfield, with Oxfordshire Sport Flying. Really friendly instructors who took the time to ensure I was properly trained and fully conversant with navigating my way around in their Diamond Dimona motor glider. I came away feeling I’d learnt lots!

D Moloney, Wiltshire

I took the plunge to get my Pilot’s Licence and visited Oxfordshire Sport Flying after a friend recommended them to me. I found them extremely warm, welcoming and friendly to pilots and non-pilots alike. They have been brilliant instructors and have really helped me to get more from my powered flying. I can’t recommend them enough.

M Farrell, Chippenham, UK

I’d never flown in a motor glider or small aeroplane before and when I was offered the chance to take my first flying lesson over Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire I jumped at the chance. My pilot was friendly and helpful, and took the time to make sure I was comfortable and knew what was going on at all times. I couldn’t believe how smoothly he landed the plane too! I’m now considering going for my pilots licence and definitely coming back for the summer to have another go!

Get In Touch

Why not give us a call here at Enstone, or come in and see us? Visiting aircraft are always welcome via PPR and we can be reached via Enstone radio channel 129.880. We will be pleased to arrange a programme specific to your needs.