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OSF for many years has provided this national training to glider pilots. This training continues to be provided under UK national arrangements.

Pre Course requirements

  • Hold a BGA Glider Pilots Licence

  • Hold a valid NPPL Medical Self-Declaration or EASA Class medical certificate

Course Content

  • 10 hours of flying training on a motorglider under the supervision of a FI

  • 1 hour supervised solo flight

  • 1 hour dual instruction in stall/spin awareness and avoidance

  • 1 hour dual instrument appreciation

  • Complete EASA PPL theoretical examinations

  • Pass the NPPL NST and GST

It should be noted that glider pilots once obtaining a NPPL SLMG may through the British gliding association convert this to a European licence (TMG Extension to a LAPL S or SPL).

All NPPL training and Skills Tests are done inhouse with Oxfordshire Sport Flying instructors and examiners.

For more information on NPPL SLMG Conversions please call us on 01608 677208, we’ll be delighted to be of help.