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General Glider Pilot Training Course


OSF for many years has provided both basic to advanced glider pilot training utilising its motor gliders to optimise your time and money. We run tailored sessions for you and can undertake them in either our motor gliders or your own aircraft/motorglider if preferred.

Course Focus

We can focus on improving your general flying skills and airmanship from comprehensive flight planning to improving your navigational techniques, airspace awareness approved entry and crossing, simulated soaring techniques and lift/sink identification, go wave soaring (weather/conditions permitting) and field selection and simulated field landings. We utilise modern equipment and technologies like gps moving maps, provide more structured use of radio telephony, transponders and approved gliding techniques.


Get in Touch

For more information on our general glider training including Navigation, field landing or any other personalised training please call us on 01608 677208, we’ll be delighted to be of help.