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Information for Visiting Pilots

Oxfordshire Sport Flying welcomes visitors to our airfield, Enstone EGTN. Whether its use of a hard tarmac runway (1100m x 50m) or grass strip (800 x 50m). We have a well appointed clubhouse with a full host of facilities and located in quiet Class G airspace, we’re sure you’ll find flying from Enstone Airfield an absolute delight.

Below is some information for the visiting pilot.

Enstone EGTN Channel 129.880 550ft

Elev (20Hpa)


EGTN Enstone Radio 129.880 ( not always manned, make blind calls to Enstone Traffic if no answer). Oxford Radar and Brize are very useful and helpful if required.

All circuits are flown at 800ft AGL to the north. Overhead joins are preferred, descend deadside avoiding the villages to join downwind for 26/08 runways.

North side grass runway is for a maintenance facility, use at your own risk. Surrounded by obstructions on both approaches.


Once landed 26 backtrack to “Bravo Hold” and free park on the grass you will see the visitor bays laid out and signed. If you Land 08 continue to the end vacate “Bravo Hold” and free park in the visitor bays. Please read noise abatement procedures before ringing for PPR 01608 677208.


Straight out or en route departures are fine however please advise on the radio and respect circuit traffic and noise sensitive villages.

Power checks can be completed at “Alpha or Bravo” holds to avoid congesting active runway.


Mogas is available as well as a limited supply of Avgas please PPR with your requirement.


We offer all Day Circuit Training at Enstone for One Fixed Rate fee of £35. Allowing pilots to practice circuits and touch and goes on a well kept unrestricted runway hard or grass.