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LAPL Training Courses at Enstone Airfield, Oxfordshire

So you’re looking to learn to fly but just for fun, as a recreational pilot, with upto 3 friends or on your own?

Then you may find training and taking your test for the EASA LAPL licence (European Aviation Safety Agency Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence) is your best option.

Instead of a minimum of 45 hours training for the full PPL(A) you only need do a minimum of 30 hours flight training. Do note this figure is a minimum and everyone learns at a different rate.

Save on the cost with LAPL Training at Enstone Airfield

With the training entailing less hours in comparison to Full PPL(A), it’s potentially two thirds cheaper offering a substantial saving.

To get your LAPL will entail you undergo the following:

  • 6 hours of solo time

  • 24 hours of dual flying instruction

  • Solo cross country navigation

  • Skills Test

Ground Exams

The Ground Exam subjects you will need to study and pass are as follows:

Air Law
Operational Procedures
Aircraft General Knowledge
Principles of Flight
Flight Performance and Planning
Human Performance


Medical Requirements

A LAPL medical or higher is required

We ideally recommend you visit an Aero Medical Examiner (AME) for a Medical Exam – typically costing around £100 – but we can assist you in choosing an AME or GP in your area.

Minimum Age Limit

14 years of age to start your flight training
16 years of age to go solo
17 years of age to be issued with a LAPL(A) licence

The Most Popular Way to Obtain Your UK EASA Pilots Licence

The EASA LAPL option is one of the most popular ways into flying for hobby pilots. There are some restrictions but you won’t need a full aviation medical to obtain and keep this Pilot’s licence.

With an EASA LAPL Licence you’ll be able to fly a single engine aircraft upto 2000kgs, in most European countries, as well as take your friends up.


Additional Equipment Needed

You can purchase additional equipment directly from us that’s required to help you build your skills and pass your flying test. We can supply you with the correct aeronautical maps,  aeronautical rulers and protractors, a flight computers/calculators for navigation planning and text books for the exams.

Why Choose us?

We have trained hundreds of pilots over the years and are particularly adept at helping you choose the right Pilots Licence for your requirements and budget. We offer a friendly, relaxed and highly supportive atmosphere to help you pass your EASA LAPL A TMG with the minimum of fuss. For more information please call us at the club on 01608 677208 or send us a message online.