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Why not take the flight of a lifetime and come on a 60 minute flying lesson over Oxfordshire? Getting into the air and behind the controls of a small aeroplane has never been easier!

You’ll fly on a one to one basis with a full qualified CAA Approved flying instructor, who can safely introduce you to the controls. In just one trial flying lesson you’ll learn enough to say you’ve flown an aeroplane.

Whether it’s a flying experience for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a friend’s bucket list or loved one’s birthday, buying a trial flight is simple.

We also offer 30 minute flying lessons at a reduced rate too – these make great gifts for someone who’d like to try flying!

Call us on 01608 677208 and we can sort your flight voucher in minutes.

Gemma from Experience Days

As we took off from the ground, the feeling was incredible: a mixture of uncertainty, nervousness, and a whole lot of excitement! Once comfortably in the sky, we zoomed past the beautiful sights of Oxfordshire including a glimpse of Blenheim Palace. The beautiful scenic views were astonishing and something I will never forget…

P Powell – from Oxfordshire

Awesome experience, great welcome, best of aeroplanes, could not fault anything.

C McKathery – West Sussex

Great fun! I was originally nervous but the pilot was super friendly and settled any nerves! Before I knew it I had the stick and was flying the plane! The views were exquisite I even had a tour of the area with the pilot knowing lots of facts… !

J Smythe – from Oxfordshire

An excellent trial flight with a very knowledgeable instructor. Has made me seriously consider taking this further.

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What to Expect on your First Flying Lesson

You’ll need to schedule your flying lesson which we can sort at the time of purchase. Please note flying at weekends may require more notice as this is generally busier than in mid-week. We are weather dependent so do call us on the day of your flight to check you can fly. We wouldn’t want you to waste a trip!

On arrival you’ll be introduced to your friendly flying instructor and given a short safety briefing on what to expect. We appreciate it might be the first time you’ve flown in a small aircraft so we will take the time to explain things carefully and ensure you understand.

Once the safety brief is complete we’ll make our way to your aircraft and during our pre-flight walk around we will explain the aircraft's surfaces and parts to you.

Climbing Onboard and Pre-Flight Checks

We will then show you how to correctly climb into the cockpit and get you settled.

Your pilot will ensure you are sat comfortably, secure your straps and that you can reach the control column and rudder pedals. He will then climb aboard and you will be briefed and shown how to evacuate the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

Pre-Flight checks will be carried out by your instructor to ensure the controls are working. Your pilot will then check outside, shout “Clear Prop!” and start the engine, spinning the propeller into life.

There will be a short interlude whilst you wait for the engine to warm up to the correct operating temperature. When your pilot is ready he will then taxi out towards the runway. You will briefly wait whilst engine run up checks take place and once complete you then take off!

During your Lesson

Once you’ve taken off and reached around 2000 feet above Oxfordshire your flying lesson will begin in earnest. You’ll be shown how the aircraft flies using the elevator, ailerons and rudder to keep it in the air. Your instructor will demonstrate each control separately and then ask you to gently take the controls and “follow him through”. You’ll get to practice with your pilot safely guiding you and then it’s your turn!

There’s no need to worry, you’ll be perfectly safe. In next to no time you’ll be flying an aeroplane on your very first flying lesson.

Returning Safely to the Airfield

After nearly an hour of fun, you’ll be winging your way back to Enstone Airfield. Your instructor will bring the aeroplane back into the circuit and safely back down to the runway.

You’ll then taxi back to our tie-down area and let the engine cool down. During this time your instructor will de-brief you and give you feedback on your performance.

Once the engine is safely shut down, your instructor can open the canopy and help you climb out and return with you to the clubhouse.

What to Wear for your Flight

UK airfields are historically located in windy areas so even on a summer’s day you might want to bring a jacket . On sunny days you may also want to wear a hat, sunglasses and add some sunscreen.

Generally we state wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, just ensure nothing comes loose from your clothing or person whilst you’re in the cockpit.

You are welcome to bring a camera and take photos. We do ask it is kept secure during the flight just in case you experience some turbulence.

We do ask our passengers not to fly in high heels as they can damage the aircraft seat or cockpit.

How Long Will the Flight Last?

Most lessons last for a total flying time of 60 minutes and you'll get lots of time at the controls. If we have to curtail your flight for any reason beyond our control we will be happy to provide any spare time on another occasion.

Please note if you fly and due to feeling anxious or sick decide to terminate your flight early we won't be able to transfer any spare time to someone else.

What Happens if it Rains?

If it is prolonged rain or the runway is flooded then yes that will curtail our flying activities but if it is showers on the day we can generally fly around them. Do call for more information on the day!

Is there a weight limit?

To remain safe to fly there are certain minimum and maximum weight limits we have to adhere to. We are flexible and can fly most people but please do let us know your weight if you are unsure. Unfortunately beyond 110 kgs we may not be able to fly you as a passenger due to flight safety rules.

Receive Your Pilot's Flight Certificate!

After the experience, you’ll be given a flight certificate with a photo commemorating your achievement.


Fly high above the beautiful countryside with Oxfordshire Sport Flying, take in the views and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle on the ground below. A gift for a special occasion may lead to a hobby of a lifetime.

For more information, or to book your trial flying lesson, call us now on 01608 677208.


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