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Get your Full Private Pilot’s Licence with PPL(A) SEP & TMG Training Courses held at Enstone Airfield, Oxfordshire

There are many reasons to learn to fly but for most people who would like to become a commercial pilot a Full Private Pilots Licence is an essential component to that journey.

Obtaining a PPL(A) for aeroplanes will allow you to fly as pilot in command (PIC) of single engine aeroplanes or touring motor gliders, but not on a commercial basis (i.e for hire or reward).

Oxfordshire Sportflying’s team can offer you the opportunity to learn with experienced flying instructors on both SEP and TMG Training Courses who effectively help maximise your full flying potential.

Always Competitively Priced PPL(A) Training

We aim to keep our flying costs very competitively priced to minimise any financial barriers to anyone from any walk of life. Talk to us to discuss your plans today, we’re happy to give you the best advice!

What’s Required to get your Private Pilots Licence?

If you’re completely new to getting your PPL (A), you will need to complete 45 hours of flight instruction on aeroplanes (or TMG’s), 5 hours of which may have been completed in an approved flight simulator. To get your PPL you’ll need:

  • 25 hours of dual flight instruction

  • 10 hours of supervised solo flight time, including at least 5 hours of solo cross country flight time

  • at least 1 cross country flight of at least 270 km (150 NM) that includes full stop landings at 2 aerodromes different from the departure aerodrome.

  • 9 PPL Written Exams passed

  • A Class 2 Medical

  • Radio Telephony Licence

  • You will also need to complete a skills test after you have completed all the flying requirements to demonstrate your proficiency to a Flight Examiner

Additional Equipment Needed

You can purchase additional equipment directly from us that’s required to help you build your skills and pass your flying test. We can supply you with the correct aeronautical maps,  aeronautical rulers and protractors, a flight computers/calculators for navigation planning and text books for the exams.

Why Choose Us?

We have trained hundreds of pilots over the years and are particularly adept at helping you choose the right Pilots Licence for your requirements and budget. We offer a friendly, relaxed and highly supportive atmosphere to help you pass your PPL(A) with the minimum of fuss. For more information please call us at the club on 01608 677208 or send us a message online.

For more information please do check out the UK CAA’s website: