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If you are new to general aviation or require a radiotelephony licence we are here to help.

“RT” can often sound daunting to the new inexperienced pilot and often qualified pilots avoid controlled airspace due to unneeded fears of the radio. By taking a Radio Telephony Course we can help with those worries and prepare you for the practical exam allowing you to exercise the privileges of your well earned PPL / LAPL licence.

What our RT Course Includes

The RT course can include instruction on radiotelephony terminology used and real life examples to allow you to become fluent over the radiowaves!

It can also include a practice written FRTOL exam, CAA written examination, practice practical exam, CAA practical examination and ICAO English Language Assessment or any combination of the above required depending on your background and experience.

All RT  training is conducted inhouse with Oxfordshire Sport Flying instructors and examiners.              

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For more information on taking a RT course, or for any further guidance or study material please call us on 01608 677208, we’ll be delighted to be of help.